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General Ledger

Account Receivable

Account Payable





Other Features

Multi Location


Bill Of Material (BOM)


Batch No


Bonus Point

Advanced Financial Report

Report Designer

Other Facilities

Account Receivable



Debtor Maintenance


Invoice Entry


Receive Payment


Credit Note Entry


Debit Note Entry


Refund Entry


A/R & A/P Contra


Deposit Entry


Print Outstanding Invoice


Print Outstanding Deposit


Print Debtor Aging


Print Debtor Balance


Print Statement


Print Collection Report


Print Monthly Sales & Collection Analysis


Print A/R Analysis by Document


Print Overdue Letter


Print Debtor Label and Listing


Print A/R Invoice Listing


Print A/R Payment Listing


Print A/R Receipt Voucher


Print A/R Debit Note Listing


Print A/R Debit Note


Print A/R Credit Note Listing


Print A/R Credit Note


Print A/R Refund Listing


Print Payment Voucher (for refund)


Print A/R and A/P Contra Listing


Print A/R and A/P Contra Note


Print A/R Deposit Listing


Print A/R Deposit Receipt


Print Outstanding A/R Deposit Listing


Print Debtor Collection Report


Print Monthly Sales and Collection Analysis Report

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